In a Time to Pause

Kelly - Brentwood, Tennessee
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in taking a moment to pause. AP classes, extra curricular activities, officer’s positions in clubs, friends, maintaining those friends, family, maintaining that family, even time that I save for myself are all areas in my life that most definitely deserve a break. And not only because these things themselves are important, and they all deserve my full attention, but stopping the flow of regular daily life holds importance for my own functionality too.

From 11:00 am to 11:20 am every weekday I have lunch. My friends and I have the privilege of going to a school that allows us to eat outside the front of the school. I probably cherish this part of my day most, because being inside the building all day, I experience the repetition of period after period, cubed classroom after cubed classroom, beige brick after beige brick, and a whole flood of refreshment comes when I spend those brief 20 minutes outside of that monotonic world: soaking in the sun, admiring the brilliant changing of leaves, the large scale of the trees, the blindingly green grass. It makes me want to take millions of pictures; one for every square inch!

This leads in to another form of rejuvenation: following a passion. Last year, I took art for one of my electives. Photography has captivated a sibling of my friend, so we decided to take that class together this year. I have only completed one quarter of the class, but already I have fallen in love with this form of art! It’s so interesting to me that, depending on the angle used by the photographer, a picture really can say a thousand words. To get so in depth into something outside of sine, cosine, and tangent truly excites me, and rightfully contrasts the same old black and white horizontal lines that I seem to excruciatingly study all day.

I also enjoy a good pause when lying in bed, but still awake, in the wee hours of the morning. A certain point at night hits and my mind slips into a calm, reflective state that comforts me deeply. Whether reading, praying, journaling, or simply just thinking, I can feel it empowering me within the very moment of doing it. Looking outside my bay window at the sun gleaming upon the redbud tree in the backyard gives me the same feeling, even just for a moment.

But then what happens when the next day comes? The daily grind strikes again, and any relaxing moments have been completely forgotten and erased. As I rush through everyday life, I wonder if other people, kids in particular, feel the same as me: that they are pushed in so many different directions at such a rapid pace it seems utterly impossible to recollect themselves at any point in time. I am sure everyone has felt this to some extent before. And sometimes, I am not entirely sure it is not true. Hence why I believe pauses are so necessary. Especially in the hectic life I am living now.