I Believe Children are Innocent

Andrea - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: children

I believe children are genuine beings. I believe they are untainted purity. I believe children care. I believe they are compassionate. I believe we were all this way once upon a time.

When I am at the park, gazing across the soil, I smile at my children. They leap through the air aimlessly. Glee bursts from their bodies. He darts under the slide, flattens himself on the ground, and slithers across the earth. “Hisssss…I’m a snake,” he whispers. She dashes through the field of pansies. Suddenly she stops. She gazes into the crystal clear sky. Her arms extend above her head and she twirls around and around. “I am a princess,” she squeals delightfully.

I think of the ballerina who lived in my jewelry box when I was a little girl. I remember opening the box, listening to the music, and spinning around my room. The ballerina and I were dancing in the clouds. It was blissful. I lived in the moment. I believe that child was innocent.

I am in the basement watching my children sitting on pillows in the center of the room. “Don’t fall into the water,” he exclaims as he rocks side-to-side. She rolls off the boat and giggles uncontrollably. “Don’t worry, I can swim,” she cries while moving her chubby legs and arms. I believe they are in the ocean. They share their imaginations.

We are walking down a bustling city street. The air is crisp and our breath is clouding the way. The children are blowing hot air through their mouths. They watch the smoke shoot out in amazement. Eventually, the novelty wears off and they are cold. I believe children are inspired.

We stop to buy scarves from a vendor. My son gazes upward and stares at the elderly lady. “Why is her face so wrinkly?” he inquires. I explain she has enjoyed many years full of smiles and joy. The happiness is always present and shown through the lines. As I hold his cold, apple-like cheeks in my bare hands he grins. “I hope my face will have lines, too,” he states. I believe children are honest.

I believe children are virtuous. I believe children can teach. I believe we can learn from them.