I Believe in the Gift of Being Human

Rebecca - New Lenox, Illinois
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

1. I believe everyone is strange in their own way.

2. I believe your friends are the ones whose strangeness you can tolerate.

3. I believe that everything someone says about you is actually a reflection of themselves: their ego, their fears, their insecurities.

4. I believe that everything I say about myself says something about me: my ego, my fears, my insecurities.

5. I believe that you should not let yourself be completely miserable in a job, a friendship, a marriage or family situation for very long; but that learning what makes you miserable is an important lesson.

6. I believe that most everyone has the internal power and instinct to get themselves out of a miserable situation, a dangerous situation, and most sorts of everyday pickles.

7. I believe that everyone is not destined to be close with their immediate family members.

8. I believe that being a parent, guardian, or key adult figure in a child’s life is the most important role on earth.

9. I believe parents and guardians should have a will that explains their wishes and properly enables future guardians to care of their minor children.

10. I believe that bad parents can produce good kids, because human nature is resilient.

11. I believe that bad parents can produce bad kids, because human nature is predictable.

12. I believe that true evil and true mercy exist in humans.

13. I believe that we should take good care of sick, elderly, and mentally impaired people in our society.

14. I believe that everyone should visit an animal processing plant or large animal farm at least once.

15. I believe that people should simplify their diets and stop eating processed food.

16. I believe that everyone should grow a few vegetables in a garden and eat from it.

17. I believe that breadmakers and rice cookers are great kitchen appliances.

18. I believe that in every human endeavor, society, or political structure that there is a necessary evil. Necessary evil is subject to interpretation and the passage of time.

19. I believe that there is more than one path to spiritual peace.

20. I believe that people who kill themselves are not condemned.

21. I believe that the concept of college education will be reshaped for my children’s and future generations.

22. I believe that funerals are expensive (even cremations) and that you should make your own arrangements in advance or get a small life insurance policy to cover your family’s future costs.

23. I believe that the ability to change one’s life and one’s perspective is the gift that is uniquely ours as humans, that enables us to move on despite dire circumstances or inevitability.

24. I believe that it is my job to show my children that I love my own self and that I love my own life.

25. I believe that I am here for a reason, but that I won’t know that reason until it’s all over.