Words Are Powerful

Naomi - Chesterfeild, Missouri
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

“Words Are Powerful”

I have learned that life comes at you fast, and that everyday is a new day; that you should cherish every moment of it.

My brother Brandon died when he was about 2 years old from a car accident. I had never met him but it hurts me now to know that I would have had 2 big brothers.

Sometimes I cry when I think about him, by the pictures that we still have he seemed to be having a pretty decent childhood. My brother would be about 24 years old, as of now, and he would have been the best I’m pretty sure.

I believe that people don’t appreciate the simple things in life, and that people can’t say what they feel to everyone because words can mean a lot of things to different people, and that people should try to think about that persons feelings and try to put their selves in that persons shoes.

In my house my brother is never spoken about it’s like he’s dead change the subject. My mom is very strong, she hardly, no she never, shows any emotion toward being hurt about the accident, she loved him, but what can she do he is gone now and her life has to move on.

I wish to be just like my mom, strong, independent, and happy. Life is about New Beginnings and Fresh Starts. Life is hardly ever appreciated. So many people have lost their lives and never does one human on the face of the earth look at life and say “Thank You” never, and it’s really sad.

I want to be a prosperous photographer and I don’t like the fact that my brother won’t be able to see that. I used to pray to God, and hope that I would be able to see Brandon knock on the door to visit us, but we haven’t had that knock on the door, and I remember there will be a time where I’m missed. [R.I.P Brandon]