Achieving Your Goals

Sam - chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

“There is no shortcut to achievement”

-George Washington Carver

This quote represents a very good lesson. If you want something to be done, you should do it thoroughly. I feel everyone should be reminded of this. The people who just think they can cruise through life do not understand the true meaning of this quote.

About a year ago, I went through a great experience of having a Bar Mitzvah. A Bar Mitzvah is studying for a big test; you need to work hard to get the good grade. Now, having a Bar Mitzvah is not all about presents, but rather learning to accomplish something by yourself.

Every night promptly at 8:15, I would go upstairs to my bedroom. The Torah portion, big and long, always looked almost impossible. With the door closed and myself as focused as possible, sitting at my desk, just me and the computer. Mind racing, body relaxed I would listen to the portion, then repeat, listen again, repeat. Then I said it by myself. This shows the perseverance to my achievement.

Before this experience, I thought I could just cruise through life. After all of the hardships I went through and the time and effort I put in, I finally realized that if I wanted to do something right, I couldn’t just take shortcuts and that I needed to everything to the best of my ability.

During peoples lives, the encounter this choice, to take the shortcut with everything they do, or do things the right way and have the experience. I feel everyone should take this into consideration. There really is no shortcut to achievement.