I Believe in Singing Down the Hallways

Bianca - Austin, Texas
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My best friends and I sing down the hallways of Connally High School almost every Friday. This singing may sound a bit odd to the normal person, but we are anything but normal. And singing down the hallways doesn’t always literally mean to sing down the hallways. It has a way deeper meaning. It means that you should be yourself and be spontaneous. I believe in singing down the hallways.

In high school these days people just go about their daily lives, living by the status quo. No one really likes to be “different” even if it’s inside of them. That’s where my friends and I stand out a little. We are spontaneous people and we like to have fun. But, we always play by the rules. We are a really funny group of girls and people may stop and stare at our horrible singing in public, but we do it anyway. Why? Because we don’t want to be normal. Or anything close to it. Being different is the better route to go.

I think “grown-ups” should live by this motto too. If they weren’t as serious all the time they would be in better moods, and we would copy their happiness. So, it is pretty much a chain reaction. If we all are spontaneous and do what we think is right at a specific time it probably is right. And it doesn’t mean go sing down your hallways at your school. But, in any type of situation. If you think something is right out in the real world, but it is still within law or rules, you should do it. If someone tells you to be another person or to say other things, don’t listen. Just like my friends and I don’t let people’s stares or weird looks stop us from singing Whitney Houston songs. It all depends on you to make your own decisions or express your own opinions. Not anyone else.

As we all grow older I think everyone starts to realize that we don’t have as much time on this earth and that we have little time to do it. If we always are doing what other people want us to do or we are never spontaneous we don’t get to enjoy life to the fullest. Say an old woman wants to do something outrageous like go skydiving but her son thinks she is too old to do it. She should just sing down the hallway. This means just do what you want and don’t let anyone else’s opinions stop you. Or if a teen boy needs to make a big decision at school to either be on the football team or be in the marching band. All of his friends will think he is odd for choosing to be in the band, but he really wants to do it. He should just sing down the hallway. It shouldn’t matter what his friends will think, it only matters what he wants to do and letting no one stop him.

I think every one should branch out like a tree and be a different. Because if we are all the same, where is the fun in that? Do what you think is best and not what other people say or do to change your mind. If everyone lives by this, people would be just a little happier. That’s why I believe everyone should sing down the hallway.