I believe in golf

Edward - St. Simons Island, Georgia
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe: Golf

I believe in golf. Unlike all other sports that come to mind, golf is relaxing and almost therapeutic. I go to the golf course to relax and think. I go to basketball practice, not tranquil and laid-back, but aggressive and excited. In basketball, as in most sports, aggression and physical strength are necessary for exceptional performance. A common misconception for why golf can be played even in old age is because it is not as physically strenuous or demanding. The real reason is the lack of fierce competitiveness and the constant strain of the sport.

In golf, I am playing more against the golf course that my fellow competitor; the breaks in between shots allow the mind to mellow and become relaxed for the upcoming shot. I believe golf is the greatest sport because it brings out my competitive nature and allows me to relax. Even Tiger Woods is calm until the back nine on Sunday. Golf allows me to go to places that are on postcards. They do not have tennis courts on postcards, and if they do it is because there is a famous tournament played there, not because it is beautiful.

When I just want to get away, I go to the golf course. Something about a golf course just relaxes me. I use to play in a good many golf tournaments, but after I missed the cut at the U.S. Junior Amateur, I realized that golf had become too serious. So after that tournament, I stopped playing competitive events altogether. I wanted to start playing golf for pure joy instead of playing against a competitor. I do not have to worry about completion, except for the one between me and the golf course. I do not need a trophy to prove how much I love the game.

Beyond a relaxant, golf can be helpful in the business world as well. In many businesses, many clients are made on the golf course. Even if you do not become a professional golfer, you can still make a living as a club fitter or teaching professional. Beyond a vocation, golf can build lifelong friendships. Golf can take you places you have never been. For those who have never played golf, there is nothing more satisfying than absolutely hammering the first drive of the day or making a ten-foot curler on eighteen. No matter how frustrating golf can be at age sixteen, I know that one day, when I am forty; I will be slowing creeping out of the house so as not to wake my wife, to go play the game that I love.