Words and war

Victoria - garland, Texas
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Words and War

Wars start and they end the same way, with the loss of innocent lives. So why can’t we talk about what offends us, why is does, and how was can fix this problem with out causing another world war?

When I was in the third grade September eleventh shook the United States and the world for that matter to its core. I remember my teacher getting off the phone with her friends who was in the subway under the twin towers when the first plane hit, and all she said was there has been an accident. Accidents, to us at the time were spilling glue on the carpet or a car crash, but when I got home I saw what she meant. My brother had the news on and sitting in my living room at 11:30 am I watched in ah as the second twin tower met the asphalt .I didn’t I understand what was going on. With my eyes full of tears I looked up and asked me brother what just happened and all he said was there an accident. At the age of eight I sat and watched my country get ripped to shreds.

All the war has done is destroy and terrorize the people of my country. So why do we go into war doing to the same to another country expecting them to not revolt in our “helping”. Death is all I hear about the war. “ This morning in an ambush twenty United States solders were killed.”

I believe words are more powerful than war. I remember when I was little and my brother and I had a “problem” my mother would sit us down and tell us to talk about it. So we sat and played my moms game. We sat on the couch or where ever the “problem” occurred and would tell each other why we got upset and how we could fix it. We were not allowed to get up until we fixed our “problem”. Talking about what bothers me always makes me feel better and makes everything okay.

I do understand that sitting down and talking about it can’t right every wrong , but I do think we should try extremely hard before engage in the desecration of another country.

Believing what I do some people make call me extremely ambitious or even naive, but what’s wrong with that? Where there was once laughter it was replaced by worry and fear. This has changed the way I respond and handle situations in my life. Fear about tomorrow; if it would come, all the solders, and if the was would ever stop.