I Believe In Miracles

Meghan - LaGrange Highlands, Illinois
Entered on February 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in miracles. I believe in them because of many occurrences that have happened in my family and around me!

My mother, at the age of 17 had a serious accident that could have turned her into a vegetable, unable to do anything. Instead, it just paralyzed her from the waist down. She never let the disability of being in a wheelchair stop her from her dreams. Aside from going to college, becoming a successful electrical engineer, and marrying my father… I have three younger brothers. I think that is a miracle. She has 4 healthy children. To this day, my mother makes the able bodied citizen look like a slacker.

Another reason I believe in miracles is my Father, my brother, and myself. We are all diabetics. I worry a lot about my little brother. Bryson is 6 and has had diabetes for about 2 years. However, unlike my dad and I, when Bryson gets sick, or his blood sugars get out of control, it is very hard to bring back to a normal level. Whenever he has an off day, his blood sugars can be thrown too high. When this happens, my family tries to lower his blood sugar by giving him insulin. Last year around this time, this was happening, my mom gave him his insulin to bring his sugars down and then told him to take a bath because he was dirty. Little did she know, the warm water increased the absorbancy of the insulin. My little brother was trying to go to sleep in the water, putting his head under the water. It was very scary. My mom immediately yelled for help. I was the only other one home. I rushed to help, we drained the tub and tried to get him to respond to us. He kept looking off in the distance, with this glazed look over his eyes. We would call his name, no response. My mom got juice and we forced it down his throat. She went to go call my neighbor and get the car started. I sat with him on my lap. I asked him basic things like “What’s your name?” and other things like “What’s your teacher’s name?” He never responded. He just stared off. It was like I was talking to a mannequin. We rushed him to the hospital, he was put into treatment. An iv was used to insert glucose water into him to bring up his blood sugar. He began to respond but was still slow. The nurses got him to eat and then he came back within minutes. Completely normal once again. Several other times my brother has gotten sick, his blood sugars go crazy, and we cannot bring them down to save our lives. He becomes dehydrated and starts to enter DKA, Diabetic Ketoacidosis. This is the other extreme to diabetes. Having too high of blood sugars. He has to be admitted to the hospital to have another iv and bring his sugars and ketone levels down. At the time I am writing this, it is 11:36 PM and my little brother’s blood sugar is 456 when it is supposed to be 0, he is spilling large amounts of ketones, when he should be spilling none. He could very well end up in the hospital. I can only pray for the best. Somehow though, the miracles always pull through.