I believe in campfires.

Haley - St. Simons Island, Georgia
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in campfires. I believe in campfires because I just think they are awesome. Campfires have been something I have enjoyed all throughout my life. Whether it’s just hanging out with my friends on a Friday night or making Smore’s after a long cold day, campfires always seem just sensational. There is something about them that seems to bring a little bit of excitement to everyone. When I sit down at a campfire it is always the same. It begins with everyone bustling around trying to make Smore’s and swatting at the smoke, but after a while the scene seems to mellow down and everyone warms up by the fire to relax. Everyone talks and laughs as they tell ghost stories through the smoke. With the stars shinning above or maybe under the canopy of tall trees, a campfire brings people together to laugh and just have a good time.

Something I absolutely love is the way my clothes smell after a few hours around a good bonfire. Some people seem to find this smell unpleasant but I love it. To me, when my clothes smell like campfire smoke it reminds me of the fun time I had, the good laughs, the ghost stories, and the inside jokes. In my opinion the best part of a campfire is the Smore’s. They really are one of God’s simple gifts. Honestly, what is better than a perfectly golden brown marshmallow that is just hot enough to melt the Hershey’s chocolate it sits upon, squished between two crumbling lopsided graham crackers? Some people are very particular about the way they eat their marshmallows. I think they taste best golden brown. Whether they are scorched, melted, or even have a bit of ash on one side a marshmallow is still a marshmallow.

I have many great memories of some of the best campfires I have experienced. Some of the campfires I love most are with my family on Lake Rabun. Bonfires are have become a tradition my family has grown to love. We have a fire pit at our lake house and every few nights in the winter we get out the starter logs and get a fire going. We’ve got this old guitar that is completely and utterly out of tune. As a matter of fact no one in my family even plays the guitar. Nevertheless we all sit around together and strum the guitar and sing whatever random songs happen to come into our heads. My mom’s favorite is Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I especially love it when all my other relatives come to visit and relax by the fire. I must say it is one of my favorite family traditions.

There are many other fond memories I have of camping with my best friends. I believe that campfires help us to be a part of the wilderness. Once my best friend and I decided to spend the night out in the middle of the woods in Blackshear Georgia, a few miles from her family’s cabin. We spent the day fishing and catching crawfish. Later that night we started a fire and cooked what we had so proudly caught. I just remember thinking about “How awesome.”

Overall, I believe that campfires are simply a fun part of life that brings people together. There are so many aspects of campfires to be admired. Through my many fond memories of camping out with family and friends I have come to love campfires. Campfires connect people with the wilderness and bring out the best in us. Campfires are just a great way to share laughs and have a good time. These are only a few of the reasons why I believe in campfires.