I Believe Addictions Are The Results Of Depression And Discouragement

David - Atlanta, Ga 30309, Georgia
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
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I believe that almost all addictions are the result of discouragement. You see noone likes to feel inadequate, hurt or distressed, and as a result people find themselves resorting to things that provide a

brief moment of gratification while providing a lifetime of regret. What do I mean? Take a man who smokes, he’s not smoking because he likes it, but rather if you ask him he’ll tell you that it helps him relieve

the stress all the while knowing that it’s been proven that smoking leads to cancer. A guy told me one time he said to never date a girl who smokes, I ask why and he replied a girl who smokes only smokes

for one or two reasons, either she was fast growing up, or she’s dealing with a lot of stress. You see if she was fast growing up, that would mean that she did things just to fit in with a certain crowd which is

the result insecurity, not knowing or being comfortable with who she is. 2nd She could be under a lot of stress and as a result she has chosen cigarettes as a way to relieve that stress. This is also very

common with people who smoke marijuana and other drugs. When asked, they will say things like I’m trying to smoke the stress away. Likewise you take a person who drinks and it’s the same thing, there

are people who always have to have something to drink. Some people will try and hide their insecurities by saying things like they are just casual drinkers, but the truth is they are not comfortable with who

they really are so they feel like the only way to have fun is to “loosen up a little bit”, so they result to drinking which after a while creates a false sense of reality (which is also known as a buzz or just drunk)

it is then that these people begin doing things that they would not normally do, however there are indeed some people who are aware of what they are doing and if you ask, just like the guy with the cigarette

he will tell that he’s trying to drink the pain away.

You see in both situations even though the addiction was different they both were the result of discouragement. In both situations those people were trying to fulfill a void with something that would provide

A brief feeling of pleasure while leading to a lifetime of regret. Now some people may say I don’t drink or I don’t smoke, but the reality is people are addicted to many different things. There are a lot of people

Men especially who try to fulfill that void with women and sex. There was a study done that stated that 69% of the babies born in the year 2008 to African American women were born out of wedlock (single

Parent) homes, and with the divorce rate at 50% that’s 8 out 10 children growing up without a father in the home. As a result society begins to raise these young men insinuating that their manhood Is based

On how many women they can sleep with. So we have young men growing up trying to replaced the hurt and disappointment and insecurity with a drug called sex, something that provides a moment of

Gratification while producing a lifestyle of lust that they will later regret. “LADIES have you ever wondered why a so many guys struggle to stay faithful? Because just like any other addiction it’s never enough

You take a guy who smokes cigarettes he started smoking maybe only 5/day and before he knew he was up to a pack /day. It the same way with alcohol and it’s the same way with men who have an addiction

Where women are concerned. After a while 1 women is not enough any more now he needs to women and the over time that’s not enough any more now he desires 2 women at the same time. Do you see

The pattern here?”

Then you have those who suffer from what many call a eating disorder. In other words, in that time of depression they resort to food for healing. This particular addiction is most common in women who are

Feeling rather insecure about their looks or trying to get over a recent breakup, boyfriend,ect. Whatever their pain is they try to forget about it while indulging in their favorite ice cream, ect. And if you notice

A lot of these women have tried working out, but it dosen’t seem to be working. Why? Because they have never dealt with the root of their problem, therefore remaining discouraged and unhappy within.

The last addiction I want to talk about is sleeping. Yes, I said sleeping. It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves so depressed that they result to sleeping all the time. That’s odd you may say, but it’s

True. A few years ago I found myself a victim of this very disorder. I had recently lost my job, I was unhappy with certain decisions I had made, and I felt really depressed so as a way of escaping the

Tormenting thoughts I would wake up, go to church, come back home and sleep the entire day away. I felt like if I was unconscious then I wouldn’t have to think about or deal with those life issues that were confronting me.

Have you ever seen the movies where the girl is depressed about a boyfriend or something so she just lays around the house and sleeps until her friends try to encourage her by going out to the club?

Encouragement is the key, however why would you take your girlfriend, who’s just been hurt and disappointed out to a club to meet a new guy, who is only going to use and abuse her to fulfill his own

Addiction of lust. Think about… Uhmmm.

What I have just revealed to you is five addictions in which people suffer from as a result of depression, which is a by-product of discouragement. How many of our friends suffer from these addicitions,

How many of our family members have fallen victim to these things. People are trying to escape the pain, find an escape. Our family and friends need to be Encouraged!

People are trying to fulfill a void in their lives that only God himself can.

I believe if we consistanly encourage our loved ones it help them to overcome any and every situatuion they may face and motivate them to believe the best, therefore freeing them of a life without hope.

This I believe.