This I believe

Kate - 31522, Georgia
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that parents have a great deal of influence on the way their kids act and behave. Adults are the leading factor of influence for kids and they should always set good examples for kids. I believe that adults should be role models for kids, that huge responsibilities are given to parents, and that kids should be inspired to do whatever they want even if their parents are not successful.

I was in line at a gas station paying for gas while I saw a little boy act the way he did because of his father, which portrayed that adults should be better role models for their kids. I was pondering about the weekend, thinking about my plans and whether it would be fun or not. This was an extensive wait just to fill my tank. As I waited, I realized the guy in front of me was trashy and squalid. He wore saggy pants and his boxers were showing to everybody. He had a hat on his head that was sideways. Many people, including me, would have classified him as a “thug”. Finally, the lady working at the cashier returned his change and the guy said, “thanks dawg.” After I paid for my gas, I left. Then, at the next intersection I was stopped at a red light. I looked next to me and the “thug” from the gas station was by me with his windows down, rocking out to vociferous music that could be heard from an extending distance. He looks at me and winks then I look in his back seat. I discovered that there was a young kid, around the age of four, in the back seat. He saw me, threw his hands in the air, and made a gang sign. I was appalled by such an action. I believe the way the little boy acted had to do with the way he was taught by his father.

It is a known fact that adults are huge role models to their kids, so they should portray their best behavior. Siblings can also be role models to each other. Most children that have an older brother or sister look up to them. The influence one puts on a person affects the actions that the person makes.

I believe that parents take a huge responsibility and immense commitment when having children. People should not have children if they can not display good behavior around them. A parent should act classy, so the child will act in the same manner. For the most part, adults determine how their kids will act in the future. In some cases, there are parents that do everything to raise their kids well but the kids are rebellious and do not listen to their parents. Many kids are hard headed and disobey their parents because they are influenced by other people. A friend can also change the way one acts because many kids give into peer pressure, which allows them to make improper decisions.

I believe that kids should be inspired to do whatever they want even if their parents are not as successful as they would like to be. From all of the different things I have seen involving kids and parents, I realized that I want to work with kids when I grow up. I want to be able to inspire kids, let them know they can do anything, teach them to be the best people they can possibly be, and make them realize that they should not limit themselves. Many kids grow up with parents of poor quality and should not be limited to failure because of them.

I believe that adults should influence kids in a positive way. I also believe that people should only have kids if they are ready and are willing to make the commitment to be the best role model for them as they can be. Whether a kid has a parent that is successful or not, I believe everybody has an equal opportunity to be anything they want and not let anything hold them back. Through the way we act and the type of people we are, we can make the world a better and happier place. This I believe.