Value Your Life

Madison - Chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Whenever I see someone smoking, doing drugs, or doing anything else that can danger their lives, I get very upset. I never knew why people do things that are dangerous, able to end the person’s life. I really wish that people would just look at their life and realize that they only get one life. Also, I wish that they would realize, that what they do does not just affect them, but others who love them, more than anything, are also affected. Like many others, feeling sad, devastated, and upset, I know how people feel when someone so close to them passes away.

My grandfather was a great man, loving and caring, who was always ready to make a joke. I was always very close to my grandfather because we were both born on the same day. One day, I found out that my grandfather developed lung cancer because he smoked over 20 years ago. When I heard, I got really scared. I loved my grandfather so much and I did not want anything bad to happen to him. My grandfather had to go through many treatments of chemotherapy and had to get fluid removed from his lungs. I really wanted my grandfather to be ok and nothing bad would ever happen to him. I got even madder when I saw people smoke because if they just knew what my poor grandfather was going through, they would understand. I was so sure that my grandfather would be fine until the dreadful day came on June 29, 2008. I was so sad and I felt like the joy was taken from my life like a toy is taken from a little kid. At the shiva house, my mom told me about how she had to pick up cigarette buds all outside the house. When I heard this, I was so mad. After someone so close to all of us died of the terrible effects of lung cancer and smoking, and here, people were smoking! I really wish people would just stop and know how important they are to us.

I know all over the world people do dangerous things like smoking and drugs. I just wish that those people saw what it does to people who love them more than anything. I sometimes beg people in my family to stop smoking and hopefully one day, they will. One day, I hope everyone in the whole world relies that what they do not only affects them, it affects their loved ones, too.