Considering Parent’s Advice

Ada - Brunswick, Georgia
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that, as much as we teenagers do not want to accept it, our parents will always be right when they give advice on what or what not to do. I have learned to accept that fact. Whenever my parents told me not to do something that I was not supposed to do, I would either get hurt or hurt someone else. For example, at nine years old, I was climbing a tree, which my mother had told me not to, I accidentally pushed my cousin, and caused him to fall off the tree, as a result, I got in huge trouble, and he got a cast on his arm. Which should have been something that would make something in my mind go off, and say, “Maybe I should listen to my parents next time,” but of course, that never happens.

I have used excuses in the past to justify my actions whenever I went against what my parents told me not to do. The truth is that there is no right way to justify what I had done. For example, once my father had taken my friend and me to the park and told us not to go anywhere, but once we got bored of the park we decided to make our way over to a friend’s house that lived close by. My father was worried and furious when he got back to the park and see that we were not there. Luckily, he knew about my friend and thought that, that was where we were going to be. I tried to tell him that I was sorry, and that I did not know that I could not go to my friend’s house. I tried to get out of trouble with the lamest excuse but it did not work. I now realize that I was absentminded about the consequences of my actions.

As I got older, this problem of not listening to my parents started to get even bigger. I always told myself that my parents did not understand. The truth is that they do understand I just did not want to admit it. I would get in fights with my mother and tell her that she would never understand me, but once I found myself in the situations that my mother had warned me about, that was the moment in which I would realize that she was right about what she had advice me about before.

I have now realized that my parents have always been right about the advice they given me. Now I realize why my parents are always asking questions telling me what and what I should not do, it is because they know that I can make mistakes and they want to let me know what I should do to prevent them. As much as I hate to admit it, living in a different generation does not really mean anything, because like most people say history repeats itself no matter what. This is what my parents try to prevent, like many other parents. So now, I try to take my parents advice and listen to what they have to say, not wanting to make the same mistakes that many other teenagers find themselves in, that bring results that they could regret for their rest of their lives.