The good nature of all human beings

Siah - Buford, Georgia
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the good nature of all human beings even when it is repressed by society. All people are born with a powerful spirit of righteousness that makes them worthy of life. No matter how repressed and forgotten the good is in a person, I believe it still holds on to the hope that it can be revived again.

As a young child, I simply did not understand the evil that some individuals carried in their heart and could not register why people were so vicious to one another.

I remember riding the bus in elementary school. This older girl named Amber would talk with such spite and aggression towards me that her words felt like blows. There was this saying, “sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you.” I found it hard to believe this because every time she called me a name or talked about my mother it felt like a dagger to my heart. But what was so funny was that Amber was also a sweet girl. The same girl that spit venom with her tongue also sang a melodious, comforting tune. And it felt like heaven when she was not broadcasting one of her ghetto episodes of disgust at me.

It all did not make sense me. Maybe the history of society taught her to put me down. The school we attended was predominately black and it was not uncommon for kids to show such aggressive behavior whether it be physical or verbal. At the time, even I was sucked into this cycle of expressing myself through violence. It is crazy because people who know me now would never in a million years use violent to describe me.

I have recently been reading about the struggles of African Americans during an era where racism thrived. The Whites were conditioned to be extremely hateful towards the blacks by a society that encouraged hate. Good and evil, ying and yang, must co-exist or the world would be unbalanced. During this time there were countless murders and intimidation tactics stemming from indoctrinated hate.

Unfortunately, society brainwashes impressionable individuals to think and act collectively, to define the lines of social rules. Ignorant people continue to follow a belief system that is unoriginal and unjust. They ignore their good nature to prevent ostracism from society.

Sometimes one must step out the boundaries of the general consensus and make smart decisions for the betterment of oneself. Listen to the good at heart because it may not be the most popular thing to do but it only takes one person to make the greatest impact. Although Amber brought me great distress in my childhood, I honestly thank her for showing me the dark side of man and applaud her because I was able to see the power of good in her even when she did not. Lastly, I give a standing ovation to a society that has taught me to believe so strongly in their good nature.