Everybody Deserves a Chance

Leng - Thornton, Colorado
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe that everyone should be given a chance to prove who they are before people judge them. Our society today seems to be so judgmental. They judge the way they look, the way they talk, the people they hang out with, and the things that person does. People don’t care about getting to know someone and finding out who that person truly is on the inside. Even if they have never seen nor been around a person, people will say one thing and instantly that’s what that person becomes. In my opinion, people should always at least be given a chance to prove themselves. Half of the time the people that are looked down on by the other people, would actually fit in. It’s these stereotypes that make people want to change who they are and want to be somebody they aren’t just to fit in with the crowd. If everyone would just quit being so judgmental and give people the opportunity to be who they are, then I think there would be less concern on trying to do what the “cool” people are doing.

Today I see so much hatred floating around where it does not need to be. People don’t take the time to understand how that person feels getting singled out and being put down with nobody there to help or back them up. This happens so frequently throughout society today. These things lead to many people having low self esteem and not wanting to go out and try new thing, or meet new people or anything along those lines. If there was a true reason for not liking somebody I can see why there would be hatred, but for picking on people just because they aren’t like you or act like everybody else is just wrong. Even though everybody knows how it feels to be put down or hurt, they still go out and do it to other people. People at times just do this to make themselves feel better. They think that just because they have problems of their own, they could go out and make others feel bad to try and make themselves happier.

After all the long movements to free ourselves from slavery, racism, and civil rights, the world seems like it will never lose hatred among people. Racism, stereotypes, and prejudice will always be a part of this world. It seems like it will stay around until people will finally figure out that hurting people solves nothing, in fact it makes everything worst.