This I Believe: Caring can make everyone feel good

Nikki - Chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that being caring and showing people you care has a strong affect on people. We may not always realize it, but when we show we care for someone else it truly makes them feel good. I believe this because I have felt it when people care for me and noticed it when I care for others.

When I was younger, after my parents got divorced, my mom, little brother, and I started living with my grandparents. We help take care of them and it wasn’t until I got older when I noticed how it really affected them. In physical ways, us making dinner and cleaning took the stress of my grandpa, but to me, just sitting and talking with each of them means so much to them. Showing them I am truly interested, and sharing my life with them makes them happy.

Both of my grandparents can be grumpy; usually it is from them not feeling good and healthy. One night my grandpa wasn’t in the best mood and neither was my brother. They were arguing with each other. I started joking around with my brother to lighten the mood. My brother’s face relaxed and he moved on. Then, I started asking my grandpa about when he lived in France. His faced wrinkled with confusion at first but then began. His voice filled with excitement, eyes lighting up, he old me about all his experiences there. Then my grandma jumped into the conversation and we turned to talking about old movies, and then suddenly they were both smiling. Me showing them I cared enough to listen to all their stories and staying interested while they were talking really made them feel good. Just the way their moods changed completely made me notice how just wanting to be part of someone’s life affects them. I think this quote explains it all “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” Also, I think everyone should take the time to talk to their elders because you can learn a lot of things from them and they enjoy talking to you so much. I know I never would have personally learned about some of the stuff I have without my grandparents sharing with me. Grandparents are a book, full of knowledge and experiences.

At times we all get annoyed and frustrated, but believing that you yourself can make someone feel good can make you feel better inside. Living with my grandparents has thought me this belief. The experience is the ‘Ups and Downs’ map we made for this project, it has its ups and downs but when you look back on the whole thing it is what makes me who I am. I want to share my belief with everyone and hopefully they see how it affects them and want to share it with others too. So I would like to tell you “I care about you,” and you should pass it on too.