How I Got Effort

Ryan - Chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

At first, I thought effort was just work. I didn’t give any effort and it showed especially on my baseball team. I never gave any effort because I didn’t know what you got from giving effort.

In the first part of my third grade baseball season, I knew I was one of the worst on the team. I barely got any hits and my arm couldn’t throw nearly as far as the other players. My coaches, baseball experts, noticed it too; I couldn’t take it. Baseball was torture for me. After a practice one day, I decided to work harder and give some effort to improve my baseball skills.

After about a week of practicing at home, I identified some improvement. Then, I suddenly realized that my effort pulled my through and even though I was bad at baseball before, I improved and got better. In the next couple of games that season, I was getting hits and throwing the ball better. My coaches and teammates noticed more improvement too.

I believe in effort, and using effort in my life has led me to becoming a better baseball player and better worker. Effort has changed who I am and can be applied to things like work and sports for a better outcome.