The Improbable

Ross - Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I’m sure there have been many entries in which people have held a belief in the impossible, or that nothing is truly impossible. I know by plain logic that some things are impossible, granted there have been recent occurrences that the general population may have believed to be impossible before they happened. It turns out that those events were not impossible, but rather they were improbable.

These occurrences cross all boundaries. This season in the NFL, the Patriots lost their star player Tom Brady in the first quarter of the first game. I among many other fans believed it was impossible that they would have any better than an 8-8 record at the end of the season. They eventually finished with an 11-5 record, missing the playoffs still due to the improbable events surrounding them when Miami also went 11-5 and held the tie-breaker. In 2004, the Red Sox achieved a seemingly impossible goal breaking the longest slump of any team at the time by winning the championship. In politics, it used to be seen as impossible for a democracy to work, and yet the United States of America still stands strong over two hundred years later. All Americans remember the attack on September eleventh when a terrorist attack brought down many landmarks in this country. Years ago, Hitler managed to terrorize every person whom he did not agree with when he could have been stopped numerous times before. All of these events were seen as being impossible by multiple groups of people, all of them occurred despite that opinion.

On a far more personal note, I have experienced some events with extremely small odds of turning out the way that they have. A baby that is three months premature has a remarkably small chance of survival, and yet here I am today. I was born about two and a half months premature, I guess the first thing I ever did was that I denied a strong odd. I suppose that one of the most important aspects of my life is, in and of itself, a rare occurrence. The best friendship that I have at this point in time, and for the previous year and a half or so, has been built on oddly enough the internet. I am significantly closer to her than anybody I see on a daily basis, and yet we have only seen each other about four times in the last fourteen months or so.

I may not have a solid story to tell to describe this belief, but I have the strong belief none the less. I do believe in the impossible, of course, but I also believe that nearly nothing is impossible; instead many things are only improbable. People give too much credit to the impossible; the stronger situation is the quitting due to the belief that something is impossible when it is actually improbable. Things happen on a daily basis that aren’t supposed to happen due to this misleading thing called odds, but because they do happen I believe that I will continue to believe in the promise of the improbable.