This I believe- the power of a smile

Ashley - Acushnet, Massachusetts
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I really hate Monday’s. There was one Monday, a few weeks ago, of which I was particularly not fond. I was late for school, had a fight with my brother in the morning and forgot my homework. Just when I had enough and was in a completely rotten mood, I saw one of my friends in the hall and she gave me a huge smile and a hug. The fact that she was so cheerful and happy made me happy, and that simple gesture really changed my day. Knowing that somebody cared really meant a lot. I realized that it’s the little things that mean the most. I believe someone smiling at others is a great way to share happiness and positive feelings.

We all have our bad days and moments when it seems no one else really cares. Sometimes a friendly smile can uplift a rotten mood. Happiness can spread from person to person, even total strangers, through a smile. I’ve seen it happen. It’s actually contagious. When someone is positive and puts me in a better mood, I’m likely to stay that way and feel better. And how awesome would our world be if everyone had a smile on their faces?

I try not to let the little things in life upset me and hold me back from enjoying my day. Instead I try to be as happy as I can and have a positive outlook. I know that nothing is permanent; that the worst of days can be made just a little easier with one simple gesture. Sometimes if smiling at just one person can give them a little sense of hope, that someone cares about them, then it has served its purpose.

Now I know to not let a bad Monday morning ruin my whole day. When little things happen, I know to just ignore them and continue on with a positive outlook and a smile. If someone has something to be happy about, they should pass one their good cheer to anyone they encounter and they would be surprised with the effect it has on people. I believe that when I are smiling the whole world really does simile with me.