I Believe in Good Hair Days

emma - fairhaven, Massachusetts
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Good Hair Days

It wasn’t a particularly nice day out. In fact, it was cold, windy, and cloudy. Like most days, I woke up to a blaring alarm, angrily shut it off, and then trudged to the bathroom and took a shower. Like any morning, I got out of the shower, picked out some clothes from my closet, got dressed, and then dried and brushed my hair. Unlike any morning, as I went to grab my coat I caught myself in the mirror with surprise. Without even trying, my hair had fallen perfectly over my shoulders and had a little bounce to it. Realizing I was running late, I dashed out the door and got in the car to go to school. My mom warned me about being late, but a sudden burst of optimism assured me that I would make it on time. After making the bell by seconds, I took my seat in homeroom.

In Algebra, my teacher told me to clear off my desk because there was a test that day — a test I had completely forgotten about. I felt uneasy as the teacher passed out a set of papers to each row. When the paper was placed in front of me and we were told to begin, I gave it a once over and smiled. I knew the material, I could do this.

A couple periods later, I had Spanish. I don’t really like Spanish, but that day we played a game. I’m not very good at Spanish games. When the teams were tied and I was next up, I felt like I could win for my team. I didn’t win, but I put in an effort I’d never used in any academic game. Today something was different. It was not a normal day. Today anything seemed possible and everything seemed better. Optimism was everywhere, and it was all because I felt good about how I looked that day.

I believe in good hair days. I believe simple things like that should lead to big things like confidence. Even if your day isn’t perfect, you have something to feel good about. Whether it’s because you had your favorite breakfast, or wore your favorite shirt, or got an extra ten minutes of sleep; I believe small things can make big differences in your day if you let them.