Trying to Keep Up

Avanate - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Trying to Keep Up

What I believe is that work always comes first before play.

I was ecstatic when my mom first said “You are finally on the team.” I hugged her like I never hugged her before. I’ve been begging my mom forever to join the football team. She told me that it was going to be hard to keep up with my grades and maybe be overwhelming.

The only thing I focused on was the fact that I actually were able to be on a football team. I didn’t realize that I had to keep up with schoolwork because I was caught up in the moment. I gave my mom an additional hug; then we planned on where to start. At the beginning of school around the middle of September, I had a bunch of homework already. It was the day of the first practice and I was nervous. I thought about how much homework I had to do when I got home, but right now I was focusing on my first day of practice.

After practice my backpack was laying on the ground packed with homework. I took my stuff and started working. I realized I was too tired to work and decided to got to bed. The next day I forgot to finish my homework before I went to school. Throughout my day I only completed one out of four assignments.

Later that night, I had another practice and made sure to remember to finish all of my homework. So I did it before practice and finish even though it was like one assignment that day. Afterwards, I went to practice and some friends told me how bad there grades dropped. I thought about if my grades were dropping, and the next day I found out they did. After a few more weeks of football my grades dropped tremendously. My mo was the coach of a football team calling all the shots, who told me “Try to keep up” but it didn’t happen.

My mom later on decided to take me off the team. After one week my grades started to pick back up, but I was still disappointed. By time my grades became good the season was over and it was to late.

I was still proud of myself because I had decent grades. My mom and dad did tell me it would be overwhelming but I learned my lesson. I learned that work always comes first.