Kristopher - Iowa
Entered on February 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that cars can bring satisfaction to myself. Cars to me are my life; I love working on them and learning new things about them. When I am stressed out I get in my car and just drive wherever the road will take me. I don’t personally like driving an automatic car its gets boring, so I own a 5-speed. It’s just more interesting and I am always doing something. When my car breaks down I don’t need to go to a mechanic I like to fix it myself.

I don’t have a car at this point in time because I lost my license. I lost my license because I got a drag racing ticket. But losing my license has had its pro’s and con’s. I hate not having a license; it makes me feel like I’m worthless. I have to depend on everyone else. I can’t do anything by myself, I always have to be with someone but it is nice to get out by yourself, and have some alone time.

When I drive a car I love the feeling that I can get out and go wherever I want and don’t have any rules. It’s a very satisfying feeling. I wouldn’t say that I’m invincible, but it feels like there are no rules and can finally do whatever I please.

When I work on my car its just a satisfying feeling. I can look at what I have done to my car and say that what I have done is my hard work. Working on cars is my passion; it’s what I want to do when I grow up. It’s a feeling like none can describe. It’s just like someone’s favorite hobby. Working on cars is what I love to do.

Cars are my pride and joy. I believe that they can bring satisfaction to me in many ways. They don’t have feelings so I can say or do what I please to them. They are there when I need to go somewhere or when I just need to get out. I can cry, laugh, pout, or just enjoy being in a car; because they cannot say or do anything to me. I love my car.