I Believe in True love

Merry - Suwanee, Georgia
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I was born on August 20th 1991. The woman who gave birth to me, premature and new to this world, handed me to another woman whom I call mom. Some people say that true love is one that would die for another. However, I believe that true love can be expressed in more than one way. One form of that love is adoption.

Every other day I hear about women in this world going through an abortion. But rarely do I ever hear someone say “I gave my child up for adoption”. This world is sad these days. Not only do we believe that the miracle of a conceived child does not have rights but also that the baby may be killed in the womb. This is a great controversy in our country.

I was born to a woman going through divorce who already had two children. She barely had enough money to support herself as well as two little girls. Those girls are my half-sisters. My birth mother became pregnant with a man that was not her husband. In most cases, a woman in her situation would have aborted immediately. My birth mom did not. She chose to let me live. She decided to give me a life that was more than she could offer me. To this day I am eternally grateful for her choice and her true love.

My parents love me more than anyone else could. They care and provide for me the way my birth mother could never achieve. To this day I don’t know if she is alive and well. I don’t know what my birth father or half-sisters look like. What I do know is that my birth mother loved me with all her heart and I would not be the unique person that I am today without her. One day I would like to find and thank her in person for her sacrifice and love. Because of her I have lived seventeen wonderful years . Seventeen years that I might not have had.

True love is a precious gift that is given in many ways. It is humble and raw. If I could show the world what true love is so many people in this world would have less heartache. So many tragedies and sad stories could be prevented. I am so glad I know what true love is and will share with anyone what it is because I believe in the power and faithful presence of true love with all my heart and soul.