Beat the Jones

Heather - Granite City, Illinois
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Who are we? Are we the clothes we ware, the car we drive, or even the house we live in. People’s success seems to be measured in what you can show, who has the best, whose is newer, faster, or most up to date. I believe that people rate their happiness by how they can compare what they have to those close to them, and this way of thinking has helped the economy become what it is today. People go into debt competing with others trying to stay up with the Jones.

When I was raised, money at our house was scarce. Dinners were always there and clothes were always on our backs. The food may not have been steak and the clothes may not have been name brand and to me that didn’t matter, but I realized really fast that what didn’t matter to me did to others. So early on, I learned that to fit in you have to be part of the pack.

As, I got older in life I found those childhood memories being a major contributor to many of my actions, thoughts, and even my decisions. I would find myself looking at the things people close to me where acquiring and instead of being glad for them I would be jealous or thinking how I’ll have to get better. So instead of being thankful for the things I did have, I was sad for the things I didn’t.

Take a look at your own life, see if you find any of these thoughts in yourself. Have you ever wanted something because you knew someone with it? Have you ever got something new just so you could “show it off”. Have you ever wanted to get better, just because you know someone who has better then you. Have you ever wanted the big $300,000.00 house because you know someone with one or because you look at it and think that will show where I am at in life. Society has encouraged this way of thinking through TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers that people are brainwashed into thinking that they should have all the items that they see or read about. I believe that these thoughts are put in people’s heads when they are young, even before they are old enough to realize it.

I lived my life in this manner, competing in a self serving race to see if I could climb up this illusionary ladder of happiness. I did this until I found myself at the bottom looking up. I had nothing, and this is when I finally realized who I am. I am a women with thoughts, feelings, and emotions not the clothes I wear or the house I live in or the car that I drive. I am me and what makes me happy is what makes me happy I no Longer live my life trying to beat the Jones