Dustin - Jacksonville, Florida
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in many things, some of which are or may not be true beliefs, but I still believe. But my main belief is my mother who is the only one who truly stands out in my life. I believe that without her I would be a nobody, some one who has absolutely no respect for anything that I hold to respect in my heart. She is the person who, without I might not be the caring, generous or kind hearted soul that I am today. But it is this caring loving mother that I disrespect on a daily basis and I can’t believe that I let myself succumb to this retched behavior.

I believe that all mothers should be the jewel in every living persons heart and the beacon of their sanctity and salvation. For, without mothers who, what or where would we be, no where and we would be a lifeless shell of something that has yet to truly find and begin their living soul, filled life. If one were to go a life without a mother they could say, “Yes I’ve lived a grand life” but, alas, they would not have for without a mother they are a person who has only lived half their grand life, a life they have no true feeling of complete happiness.

My mother has always, and probably will always, love me and find a way to care for me to the utmost of her abilities. But, what is one so gifted, blessed, and one of a kind mother have to deal with on a daily basis? A spoiled, selfish and uncaring child who has seen her struggle all her life to provide the house I live in now, and one who does absolutely nothing to coax her longing for a more manner attained youth such that is not myself. For instance, for my eighteenth birthday my mother got me the new IPhone, which was the top of the line brand, and had me pay for not one penny of it. Not a single day after that did I show her ant more respect than I have ever. Not once did I ease her suffering days with a courteous mention of helping her. Not once did I do anything special for her but to annoy, aggravate and cause more suffering than need be. Then, not half a year later, I got the most selfless gift stolen from me that I had no right to have to begin with.

I have learned from my mistakes and will try forever more to repent for all the obnoxious acts of my past. Though I know that may take many years I believe that all mother should have the respect, love, admiration and selflessness all kids should show their parents. But most importantly your mother, because it is her that will love you no matter what you may do that will ever make her love you less.