Leopard Print Leggings

Emily - Commerce City, Colorado
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that when you believe in something so much, that you think about it every day, you should voice your opinion. I believe that if you feel something is so right that you should make sure that “thing” never changes. I believe that if you feel comfortable in your own skin, if you feel comfortable about who you are, then you should stand by that. Never change. Especially if it means wearing a pair of leopard print leggings.

I walked into my math class. It was first hour on a Monday and I was wearing a kick-ass outfit. I felt oober cute and was ready to rock my leopard print leggings that day. My favorite thing in the whole world is getting a new outfit and wearing it the next day so everyone can see it. I think that clothes are a reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself. They are a creative expression of who you are as a person.

My teacher came into class that day and called the leggings “heinous”. The class started laughing and my face turned beet red. I felt intimidated. I felt sad. I felt angry. I felt excited. This comment got me excited. It revved me up. I was ready to show that teacher how “heinous” my wardrobe really was.

Over the next few months, I wore anything and everything I wanted to. I didn’t hold back. Any outfit that came into my head I wore, no matter how ridiculous or crazy it may have looked. I loved every outfit I wore. Of course, this teacher had something to say about every outfit. Yet, these comments just made me more enthusiastic about dressing how I wanted to.

I believe that expressing myself how I want to is a beautiful thing. I think it shows how strong and confident a person is. The way you dress is just one form of expression. Stand by what you believe and don’t let anyone make you feel like what you do isn’t good enough. Express yourself in as many ways as you can and never back down just because someone else doesn’t like what you are doing.