This I Believe

Seth - Camp Verde, Arizona
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

This I Believe

Adversity is what I believe in. I believe in struggle. I believe in obstacles barring

the way to success or the goal you strive for. Because if everything was easy, there

would be nothing worth fighting and working for.

It is not how you take a challenge, but how you respond. That’s what adversity

does, it challenges you. Adversity sh0adows the world not choosing to challenge those of

of a certain race, those who are weak, or the strong. It challenges all. Because in the face

of adversity, your true colors are shown. You and others are able to see what your made

of. Whether your ready and able to fight for what you desire, or whether you will role

over and die.

depending on the way you respond, positively or negatively,your either

rewarded or punished. If you respond positively and take the challenge face on and

persevere you will be rewarded. Your rewarded with a satisfaction, a lesson that bettered

yourself, and another notch on your “belt of character”. But negatively, your punished

with a bitter taste of disappointment, or a lesson that will change your perception and

help you find the motivation to fight later battles.

I face adversity regularly in my life. I face it as a teenager, as an athlete, and also as

a student. As a teenager I must embrace it as stepping stones to becoming an adult.

Being an athlete I must let these challenges rise me to different heights. And as a student,

I must push to hopefully ensure a brighter future for myself, my family here,

and my family to come.

Everyone on earth will come face to face with adversity sometime in there life.

But its their choice to go along for the ride, or be left behind on the curb.