What Happened to Our Rights?

Elisha - Brighton, Colorado
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

Where did the first amendment go? I believe that students should be allowed the right to the first amendment during school without consequences. As a student, I do not have the right to say or do what I want. As soon as I walk through the doors of the school, I have to abide by the rules of the school. I have to act the way they want me to act, dress the way they want me to dress and the way they want me to talk. I can’t say a single foul word or any profanity when talking to a friend because I never know when there will be a teacher larking around the corner. As a student, I believe that I can’t have my right to the first amendment is stripped out from under me because things that I say might not be perfect. When I go to Journalism class, the discussion comes up about what to write an article about and what information should be in an article. At school the teachers and administrators have the final say in what goes into a piece of writing. I am not allowed to write things about a kid that has told me something and not use her name because if I do than the detail from the article with lead to the discovery of who the person is. I believe that if I am given information that I should be allowed to publish it. I believe that while we are in school we lose have of the rights that you have outside of school. As a student, I believe that I am just a child, school is not preparing me for what I am going to experience I the real world. School treats me like I am a child. Teachers are suppose to be preparing me for the life that I want to live, but all they are showing me is that I can’t make my own decisions.