I’m the Writing

Mike - lacey, Washington
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I believe as a writer I am the subject being discussed. I believe that whatever I’m writing about I become. Any subject or topic in the world will do; I become my writing. Every sentence, every noun, every verb, and every word is what I believe as a writer I become.

This all started for me when I got into Dr. Blankenship’s English 102 class. I have always felt that I have not put enough into my writing. I felt that all of my English work lacked confidence and my opinion. Each assignment we received in the first week seemed hard. Every day I struggled for a topic to write about, I even struggled to think of how to express my writing. I learned to open myself up in the class. When I became open with my thoughts, my writing became me. I started to act like I was the topic in each assignment whether it be a free write or a question out of the Barnett book. I became my Webct assignments. Every topic I tried to become.

I believe I am my writing. I could be writing about a lion and I become the king of the jungle stalking my helpless prey. I could write about a boxer and I become exhausted in the twelfth round trying to land that knockout punch. I write about a mountain and I become the avalanche wiping out every single tree, fence, or post in my way. I am the writing and that’s what I believe in as me being the writer.

This I believe as a writer it has become easy for me to be the writing. I went from not knowing how to express my personality and thoughts, to becoming the subject in every essay or assignment I do. For me believing I’m the writing helps release my inner thoughts. Believing this also helps me to have confidence and appreciation for my own work. I feel as the subject of the writing I need to be respected and understood. This is why I believe that as a writer I am and become the subject and topic of the writing.