A Case for Questions

Diane - Medford, New Jersey
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: 65+
Themes: question

I have more questions than answers. Oh, I may worry about how I am going to pay my bills or contemplate the world economy. But most of the time I wonder about more esoteric things like is man really born in evil or is evil doing created. I wonder about the goodness in man and what love really is. When I experience something joyous or sad I wonder why it struck me that way.

I like question more than answers. I find they stimulating. I feel them revving up my brain and I have seen questions pause and make another think –sometimes for the first time about a subject they had just accepted as a truth. Thinking is fun for me but I get criticized for engaging in this luxury too much. “Just do it” they tell me or, “that’s how it is so suck it up.” Just doing something because that is how it is done might produce the expected product but its not much fun. And, I want to have fun while I am being productive.

When did mankind accept the premise that life is suffering? Then I wonder, can suffering be enjoyable as well as educational? I surprised myself once by congratulating a friend on being agoraphobic (it forces one to take a second look at themselves and life). Purpose is another axiom for living. Who’s purpose? For what purpose? I told you I like questions.

So, here is one of the big questions. Do we really need to know the answer or is there value in just asking the question? Questions open up possibilities. Answers tend to seek qualification as being right and wrong. We give lip service to no one answer fit all but in everyday life we are told what to do over and over.

I don’t mean to put answers down. I seek them as much as the next guy. And, when I truly find that answer that resonates with my whole being, I feel good. I sigh deeply, I feel relief, I am inspired to make it happen and the best part is along with the answer come the how’s, when’s, where’s, and what for’s. And then, I am blessed with a new question to ponder or solve.