Johnny - Oakland, California
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I remember the first time I ever felt invincible. I was eight years old and I was in double A baseball. Double A baseball is the first level of competitive playing in my ileague. This is the level were runs count and kids can start to pitch.

My team was named the Knights and my Coach’s name was Ben. Coach Ben was always the fun and darng type of person. Physically he was tall and thin. He always thought he should coach basketball, instead of baseball, but his son Ari wanted to play baseball so Ben became a baseball coach. We had practice once a week. On one of those practice days it was raining, but my parents and I decided to drive out to east Oakland, which is were the practice is held. On our way to the field it started to rain harder and harder, but we were already on our way so we decided not to turn back.

Once at the field we didn’t see anyone, but when we got out of our car we saw someone else do the same. So out of instinct we looked at them. Instantly once I saw them I knew it was coach Ben.

Ari, Coach Ben’s son, hadn’t come out with his dad but coach Ben still came out to see if anyone would show up. As it turned out I was the only one that showed up for practice in the rain along with coach Ben. We did everything that we would do in a regular practice. First we warmed up our arms, which is hard to do in the cold rain. Then Coach started to hit grounders to me like it was any old regular sunny day. He then started to pitch to me and I was hitting the ball like the rain wasn’t even there.

This practice made me feel invincible, like I could do anything in any weather. This was the first time my Coach ever called me Johnny baseball, because of my desire to play. I still play baseball to this day; in fact the first homerun I ever got was hit in the rain. I still reflect on that one practice and my memory of it gives me the confidence to do anything.