I Believe in Pigs

Taylor - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Pigs have been a part of my life, from when i was young and probably still will be when I am old. I show pigs at shows and I have learned a lot through them over the years. They are good teachers and have shown me the meaning of responsibility. There is nothing like the feeling of working with an animal and then exhibiting them, knowing that success is eminent. I, however, am not the only one who can benefit from pigs. Like i said, they are teachers and there are always new people getting into showing pigs.

Mainly, people get into showing pigs when they are very young. I was, and since then i have learned a lot. Like, that i have to get up every morning and go out to feed my pigs, knowing that they depend on me. The knowledge that a live animal depends on my actions keeps me on the straight and narrow because with out me, they can not survive.

Through pigs, I have also learned many life skills as well. For example, when the judge does not choose my pig and me to win, I do not get mad, because I have learned to be a good loser, though it does not happen often. Also, pigs have taught me how to win without being arrogant about it. I discovered that becoming arrogant is a weakness because the tides could very well change in the future and I could be the one losing at the very next show. Discipline also works it way in here, because I have to know my own limits. The night before a big show, I know that I need my rest so that I will be at the top of my game for the show. Showmanship is an event that I do very well in because I am always alert and ready for the show. In this event, the judge is judging the exhibitor, not the pig, so I have to present myself well, or I will not do well in the event.

Mainly there are three things that pigs have given me. One is responsibility. Another would be my ability to win and lose graciously. The last would be the discipline I have acquired though the years. These are the reasons I believe in pigs.