The Pain Passes, but The Beauty Remains.

Caitlin - Des moines, Iowa
Entered on February 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

The Pain Passes, but the Beauty Remains.

“Death is terrifying because it is so ordinary. It happens all the time,” said author Susan Cheever. Death has become a part of my daily routine. Something I wake up and deal with every morning. My alarm goes off, and when I open my eyes the first thing I see is the obituaries and programs from the funerals of the young lives that have been lost, hanging on my wall.

In my 17 years, I experienced more death then people twice my age have. Between six and seven months, I lost six friends and two family members. All of my friends were vibrant, amazing people that were too young to say goodbye to life. I feel an almost unfair cloud of sadness and bad luck cast over myself, and the ones that share my pain. I haven’t exactly figured out why things happen the way they do. Why do people die young when life is suppose to have so much more to bring? You start off as this little baby, innocent, new, and able to start life any way they want to. Then you start to grow, maturing, learning, and as soon as you start to really realize how life works it’s taken from you.

Although dealing with death is not easy, when someone does pass away they leave something behind for the rest of us. Something that makes it easier to accept the fact that they are gone, and a reason to celebrate the life they lived. The legacy they leave behind is there little gift to us. A personality trait, family, or something they did that will always remind us of them. For example of my friends left behind a beautiful daughter. Every time I look at Nevaeh I will think of her daddy, and the amazing person he was. He filled people with laughter and happiness with his silly jokes and fun personality. Just like I know she will. For others they left behind there ability to love, there ability to make friends, or there great personality’s that impacted everyone they came across.

I believe the pain passes but the beauty remains. The pain of them being gone will pass, and acceptance will kick it because of the beauty of there legacy will be left behind. For me I know that I can deal with death a lot easier then most people, because there is a good thing that comes out of it. There is a good thing that comes from everything, and I found my beauty from death.