The Sport of Writing

Heidi - dillon, Montana
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

The sport of writing

I believe writing is a sport. A person is either exceptional at writing or awful and then there are the people who are in-between and can manipulate the sport of writing. Consequently I do not know if I will ever become a good or exceptional writer.

For me writing can be frustrating, much as anything I am not good at. I want to become a better writer or maybe I want to become a person who can use a wide variety of vocabulary. It seems that writing more and more is the only way to achieve this vocabulary affliction. I believe that the sport of writing takes practice, but how is one supposed to practice something with so many guidelines and rules. For example people who play basketball or football do not just acquire the ability but are more so born with it. One is not born with the ability to write. Clearly writing is a sport and it takes practice to accomplish.

To engage in something and it have significance one must enjoy it. What if I don’t enjoy writing? What if I only write because I have to? Can I still improve? In fact I think I can. Writing is a sport and anyone can improve in a sport. One may not be the best but every day there is something new to learn. I believe the more I write the more I discover. Writing may not be an extensive physical labor like other sports but there are just as many guidelines and rules to follow. I have learned that it honestly does not matter how you spell something or if there is a comma or period human beings understand the meaning. America is a free Country and we have the right of freedom of speech, isn’t writing speaking but just on paper. Indeed when we speak it is not always in complete sentences or correct plural, un-plural meanings. Hence this is the same consequence for that basketball or football player. One cannot become excellent at a sport unless they pursue the rules. When they are broken that is not called practice. That is why I believe we have guidelines for writing and rules for papers. Writing is a sport and to accomplish and be good at the sport of writing I must follow the rules. Denounced to either I enjoy it or not.