This I Believe

Joseph - Camp Verde, Arizona
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in the greatest thing that God could give to us, a father! The man that will raise you and teach everything that is wrong or right. Teach you how and what to become of your- self and most of all a reflection of him, your father, and to bring positive things to this world. Also become a man that could help change peoples life’s and someday be that man for your sons or daughters to come.

Ever since that day i finally was able to comprehend my father, Jeremy, and what he was there for, would change me and my life forever. The importance of him being in my life would grow throughout the years. He tough me how to speak, walk and even tie my shoes. He was my mentor, there everyday to answer silly questions i would have. Like why we needed to eat or drink water? He would explain the way i could understand and always remember. He would show me manners, respect and most important to be who i am and never changes my ways.

At the age of 14 i would gain more knowledge of the fathers place in this world. I would go to school and see other young boys mistreating there teachers and disobeying the rules. I would wonder and ask myself why this is happening. But for a long time i could not answer my own question. I would see kids at the skate park smoking. i would stand there dumbfounded and it would click in my had why this piers are doing this things. So i began to analyze, asking them why? But got the same answer, i liked to do it. I had gotten in trouble in school and the principle called my Father. When i got home i was punished and thought to myself i would never do that again. Then it clicked, those other boys do not have a Father or mentor in their life to help them along the way or punish them when they would break rules. So i began to ask everyone if they had a father. ninety percent of the time it

was a no. Either because he had past away or left the boy and his mother to raise on her own.

This has been a great lesson for me in life. My Father was there to guide me not to be a jerk as i thought when i was younger. My Father and my relationship has only grown since now i look at things different and positive. Living without a Father is terrible and no young boy shouldn’t have to go threw life with out a Father or even a mentor. Some times things happen and it is just time for your father to join the ONE upstairs. But should always look up to a great mentor and become a greater person. Then someday mentor a young boy or girl that will change a lot of peoples life’s with their attendance in a good way.

I wouldn’t know what to do without my father and who i would be today without him. just hope that everyone has a father or some type of mentor to guide them through life like my father has done for me and my four amazing brothers.