Trust in Others is Trust in Myself

Cassady - Oakland, California
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

“C’mon Cass! Are you a chicken? We’ll catch you, I swear! Well, maybe.”

“Do it, man!”

“DO YOU TRUST US?” they all screamed.

I remained silent. Did I trust them? Could I trust my life with them?


I turned and closed my eyes. These were my friends; surely I trusted them.


“Yes,” I screamed. And with a small shift of my weight, gravity took its natural course.

Before that day, I considered trust to be almost non-existent in my life. How did I know that my trusted acquaintance wouldn’t turn around and stab me in the back? I didn’t. We’re all playing this game called life, and some of us will do anything for a one up. So I trusted only myself, and kept my fat mouth closed when it came to my own secrets. For a while, that strategy worked pretty well. I left what was mine alone, and freely shared what others had confided within me. Trusting myself was much easier than trusting others, and it left no one to share my secrets with unwanted ears.

But nothing lasts forever, and soon enough I had revealed more than I should have to the wrong people. I had said some very cruel things, and paid dearly for it as each rumor was traced back to me. I had trusted others with things that I shouldn’t have even trusted myself with. I felt really bad about what I had said, and I felt angry with myself as well. I had broken the barrier of my own trust, and I had been punished severely for it.

My trust had been dismantled piece by piece, and for a while I didn’t do anything about it. I went back to the way that I had been before, with even less trust than I had had when I begun. I needed trust, and when the time arrived, I realized what I had to do. Someone out there, something, was trying to show me that trust was important in my life. And it is. Being able to trust someone, anyone, is enough. Knowing that they will be true to you, and that you won’t be betrayed, is an amazing feeling. Just think about it. Ensuring that much trust in someone, and knowing that it was a good choice, is amazing. And all you have to do is trust them.

So with one last look at my friends five feet below, I decided to trust them. And if I could trust them, then I could trust myself.

And so I jumped.