Dance: The Most Beautiful and Life Changing Art Form

Jill - New York, New York
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

This I believe . . . that dance is the most beautiful and life changing art form. I had an experience during a lecture demonstration at an elementary school where a child asked me why I dance. It was impossible to explain to him the incredible sense of accomplishment and the joy I feel through dancing. Nor could I make him understand how wonderful it makes me feel or to understand the challenge, beauty and creativity I experience through dance. I couldn’t explain my love of dance to this young boy in such a short time but I can pass these feelings on to my past, current and future students so they can experience the life changing effects the art of dance can have on a person.

As a teenager, when I needed it most, I found security within the walls of the studio and escape from reality on the stage. The positive influences of dance during my youth balanced some of the negative events in my life. I could leave my family problems at the door and control my world for a short time in the dance studio. During performances, during the brief time I was on stage, I liked who I was and what I could do. At the time I didn’t recognize how important dance was to my identity and emotional development. I have gradually come to understand some of the reasons dance played such an important role during this critical period of my life. I learned self-discipline, self-assurance, goal achievement, aesthetic sensitivity, creativity and a multitude of other ways. It helped shape who I am and how I am. This I believe . . . that dance is the most beautiful and life changing art form.