love and care

Rachel - Idaho Falls, ID, Idaho
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

All animals need love and care from thier owners. It breaks me heart to see dogs running alone around the neighborhood, or cats slinking along dark alleys. The saddest of all is the estranged death of homeless, abondoned pets.

For weeks now we’ve been having this cat coming into our garage and trying to get into our house. My mom refused to let the cat in the house because she thought it was our neighbors cat. It was also beating the living life out of our cat Delilah. We are already the proud owners of two cats and a dog, another pet would probaby make us go nuts. Every night my mom would kick the cat out of our garage and it would somehow make its way back inside our messy, cold garage.

One morning as I was heading to the car on my way to school, I noticed the cat laying there lifelessly. I leaned down to get a closer look and I noticed that the poor kitty’s eyes were opened and glazed over and it was laying in a layer of then frozen water. I lightly tapped the top of its head with my foot and the cat didnt move. I knew right then that the kitty had died in the night. I told my mom in horror. We have never lost a pet before and even though this one wasn’t our own, it was still heartbreaking.

From this sad experience I have learned that you should try to take care of all animals even if they dont belong to you. I truly believe that if we gave the cat just a little tiny bit of food or water it would still be alive today. Now we’re living with the guilt that we let someones innocent pet die in the cold.