My Gift

Justin - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I have a story to tell you. It is about my gift. My gift was not packaged with a bow that when the sun hit it the bow would brighten up the room. My gift was not in a box or any gift like that. It was inherited. My gift is the farm that me and my family live on.

My gift is very important. I didn’t find this out for a very long time. As I grow the memories are harvested. As I grow so does the importance of my gift. I would never sell this gift for any amount of money. The only person that can have my gift is my son.

My gift or my farm is seventy acres of paradise. During the winter it’s completely white and when the sun hits the snow it looks like a diamond that has just been polished. My brother and I go outside and ride our snowmobiles and four-wheeler. During the spring my family gets two cows and we take care of them until the winter when we butcher them and eat them during the winter. During the summer we mess around with our two Labrador retrievers. During the fall all the trees turn a vibrant red and glowing orange. When you go outside you see nature al it should be. Birds and small animals play as if my family wasn’t here. We even have a few white-tailed deer that live down by the trees at our house. There is no way to explain the magnificence and beauty of my gift. The water we drink comes from a well and it tastes like mountain spring water.

Four generations of my family have lived on this farm. My great great grandfather James Brown, my great grandfather Joseph Cromwell, my grandfather Vernal Cromwell, my dad Loren Cromwell, next it will be mine and I will be the fifth generation to live on this farm since my great great grandfather James Brown homesteaded here. Also on this farm I have two aunts, one cousin, parents, one brother, two dogs, my grandparents and sometimes two cows. My belief in this place is keeping my family close.

If your family is close it brings an idea of security. When this farm is mine I will live here with my kids and keep the idea of security and the belief of keeping your family close. Perhaps if I keep my family close my kids will do the same and we can become the safest and closest family in the world. Once the Cromwell family is the safest and closest we will keep our belief going.

Now you know of my belief and where it comes from. If you have a belief that is that important make sure that your children know what it is and why you think it is important so they my keep it going. Also if you have something as important as my gift make sure keep it close to your heart.