Commen Values

Mark - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Common Values

“Change we can believe in.” That statement is now famous worldwide. But I beg of just one question. How much change can one man bring? Not putting down on Barack Obama, but how much change can a person from a small town in Idaho make? The answer is almost nothing; the person is usually average, no athletic prowess, no genius, no hair-brained scheme to make money. I am one of three hundred million people in the USA with no real talent or original ideas.

WE have all seen the Autism Speaks commercial. It states a simple fact; you as a person have more chance of being Autistic then a Broadway star, or an MVP baseball player. I seem to get the idea that I will both fail and develop Autism in my average lifetime. I am not trying to naysay or depress anybody but I see that as an average American, I should spend my time focused on what is “going good” today and not how I am going to write the next great novel r make a million dollars.

This I believe, try to be the best you can be but don’t think that money and wealth can trump things like values or love of something greater then yourself. Simply put American values are a bygone standard. I am not talking about things like gay marriage or gun control, but of the general line that American life follows. The general goal is a steep upward slant towards wealth. The problem is not just the pursuit of wealth but the mix-up that it can bring happiness. Sure, you can make a lot of money but if you fail to see the true meaning of life you will fall into unhappiness.

“And what about those shoes you’re in today?

They’ll do no good,

On the bridges you burnt along the way.”

Jack Johnson, Gone