The Sweat on Her Brow

Summer - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

“It’s not about how great your talent is, but how great your ambition is.”

Take my Eagle Rock school gymnastics team for example. It’s simple but heated. The girl’s talents vary on many different levels. We see girls just taking up, but those are the girls I see the most ambition in. I love to watch their determination. As a fellow teammate, there’s one gymnast that caught my eye. This gymnast wishes to remain on ominous. She came and seemed to stand out automatically. Amazing. She came into this competition having no experience n the gym field at all. You could really tell that she wanted it. It took a lot lf work, listening, and a want. Everyday you can see the sparkle in her eyes, and you can see her love for the sport. The day was finally here, she had her heart set on it. It was time for her performance. She was ready. She stepped onto the mat, and it was as if she was in command. She has character insomuch it made everyone stop and stare. She moved with grace and poise. You could see improvement and confidence. Her toes were pointed and her stomach sucked in, she applied everything that she was told. She represented. She might not have been the best out there, but she was definitely that one worth watching. We could see her hard work paying off. She stepped off the mat grinning ear to ear. She had gotten a bigger applause than the other girls bursting with cocky pride. It seemed to be more entertaining. She took a minute and took in the crowd. She was proud, and we were proud. I loved that gymnastics season. I loved the girl’s ambition. I loved watching the improvement. I loved seeing the sweat on her brow.