Power of Respect

Jeremiah - Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

The one basic philosophy, that follows me throughout my years, is this: respect

should be shown to friend and foe. Respect is one of the simplest things I can show to

everyone. Yet, it is hard to do so at points in time.

I played a game online for two years. I had respect of not only the players, but

also the staff members as well. If I had a question about behind the scenes actions of the

game, I was told the answer. It did not matter if it was suppose to be staff only

information or not. I was just respected by them that much, that they knew they could trust

me with the information.

One day, the most disrespectful of the staff members was on when I asked a

question. He instant messaged me asking me if I “Thought I was special.” I immediately went

into defensive mode to protect my own respect and hopefully the respect I thought I had

shared with him. Things went down hill from there, as I tried to explain why I ask for the

information I ask for.

I ask because I usually, I get an answer. Throughout the entire discussion, he

continued to be disrespectful and rude. I continued to defend reason, but still remained

respectful. At the end of the discussion, I asked him why he had been rude rather than

politely explain that he would not give out the information to non-staff members. His

reply was: “I don’t respect people that don’t deserve it.” So began him disrespecting

people in the game without reason and abusing his powers of being staff in the game.

I still showed respect to him, in hopes that he would return it sometime. He never

has, and so forced me to leave the game. I could not stand the lack of respect shown and

the lies being told. I still respect the game and the other players enough that I continue

to offer ideas and suggestions to the game creator to better the game.

I have tried to play other online games, but the respect I show is not reflected

back to me. I worked so hard to get that respect that I held on the older game, that

playing any other game I played and did not get respect just made me feel worse.

Respect is my philosophy. Learn it, share it, take it are all people need to do to

be satisfied with respect. I don’t see why some people won’t show it even though they

accept it. Respect is what makes my word go round.