I Believe In Life

Annamarie - Lisle, Illinois
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the gift of life. I can believe in this because of all the beautiful things that exist in life.

Evidence of life is in a new day; plants, animals, and babies being born; and the sad part, death.

Spring is a prime example because of life abounding with all the new plants and baby animals. All these

things show the gift of life because they are all new and bring happiness into people’s life.

I have experienced this when my gerbils were born and it brought joy into my gerbils’ and my life

because we were all so delighted to have new family members. I also have seen this when my little

cousin, Bella, was born. She is now three and is living a happy, simple, and carefree life. My little

cousin is soon going to have a little sister in early April and this is a new life that we can all celebrate.

Life is a treasure that should not be taken for granted because you never know when it is going to end.

Another part of life is death because everyone will eventually die. I have noticed this when there

was a death in my family when my Grandpa Policht died; I was in third grade. I also have witnessed

this when my uncle recently past away, during winter break. These were very sad events, but I just

have to accept them because death is a part of life. It helps to rejoice in the wonderful memories I have

of them when they were living and remember that it happens to everyone at one point or

another. But, luckily, the cycle of life continues. I think this goes to show that whenever someone dies

a new child is born. Every beautiful life should be appreciated for all it is worth and not wished away. I

believe in the gift of life.