Morality and Me

Katie - Altoona, Iowa
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Having morals means to know the difference between right and wrong. It means to have a set of beliefs and stick to those beliefs no matter what kinds of pressure come into your life. It means to have the ability of self-control. It means to listen to your conscience.

I believe in not taking drugs. I believe in not drinking, especially underage. I believe that sex can and should wait until marriage. These are my beliefs and I’m sticking to them.

I’ve read countless frightening facts of how many people die from smoking and drinking and what those things can do to you. I choose not to take the risk of hurting myself or anyone else for that matter.

One of my best friends lives two hours away from me. During the summer, I didn’t really get to talk to him; I never had time. The only time I did was towards the end of summer. I called him and he told me that almost every single night he had either gotten high or drunk or both. I started yelling at him. I called him every night for the next two weeks and argued with him about how he needs to stop and he’s going to end up hurting either himself or someone else; he didn’t believe me. He stopped talking to me for a week and out of the blue, called me. He was crying. One of his friends was driving him home from a party where they both got completely drunk. His friend crashed the car into a light pole and died instantly while he, on the other hand, only had a broken arm. He’s decided to quit drinking and smoking. We’re still best friends.

Every day, there is at least one point in time where I express my beliefs, whether it’s something as plain as having someone asking me about it or expressing it in a way of action. Peer pressure is everywhere. Without it, life would come too easily to me. I need challenges every day to become a stronger friend, family member, teammate, and co-worker. I have to listen to my conscience, have self-control, and know the difference between right and wrong.