It’s Simple

Lyuba - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on February 3, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I often dream of running. Running fast and far and with each step shedding a piece of myself that I find I no longer want. Whether it’s an expensive outfit, my cell phone, or that guy who forgot to call, the less the better. Sometimes it’s dwells deeper than that. Sometimes I run and I let go of my worries, my fears, and my regrets. These constant dreams of freedom come to be when I am at my most natural state, simply sleeping. As soon the alarm rings to get ready for the next day I lay in bed wondering what it is that keeps me from letting go.

The day continues and sometimes I find myself forgetting to breathe. A million things rush through my mind each second. Each second passes faster than I blink. Before I know it hours have passed, days, months and I’m still not breathing. I find myself chock-full of a million emotions; I’m everything at once. I’m stressed, happy, anxious, worried, in love, out of love, awake, asleep, jealous, afraid, excited but what I’m lacking is the feeling of awareness.

I believe it’s time for simplicity. In a world where material possession has taken the trophy and what matters most has become second place we need to take a few precious minutes to ourselves and reconnect with where we came from and who we are. We have forgotten how to communicate, how to truly fall in love and how to care for the earth that lets us live in her arms. We text, shop online, litter, and date casually until we’ve reached a point where everything we know is “convenient” and interaction is no longer need. Why not get rid of the big screen T.V you never shut off, why not make a phone call to a missed friend instead of a message saying “where u @”, why not keep a special bin for your recyclables? Because we forgot what it is to simply live and ironically, it’s easier said than done. But it doesn’t have to be

I believe it’s time for simplicity. It’s time for the truth and it’s time to take back our souls from the robotic nature of things. I believe it’s time to lie on the grass kissed by morning dew and watch as animals graze through the clouds. Do you remember what it’s like to take in that deep breath and simply smile? It feels like a sigh of joy after a hardy laugh, lighter than a leaf in the breeze, and more instantly gratifying than a piece of rich chocolate. The best part is, it lasts for much longer than you would expect.

If we all believed in simplicity, the moment could last forever.

We can sit back and watch our economy fail, watch our climate drastically change and watch our youth brainwashed by a sex-crazed media or we can shed the unneeded skin of the greedy snake that has been building on top of us. It’s simple; do we really need big houses, fancy cars, high-tech cell phones and bling dripping from every finger, wrist and neck? No, we need each other; for love and support and to rekindle the connection we’ve long forgotten. Let’s simply our lives and once again find time for ourselves. Let’s run faster and farther than we’ve ever dreamt possible.