Knute - Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: science

It is the horizon which can not be caught and only comparisons are relative.

An Austalian teacher explained a Polynesian wave map. Where our maps were just blue, these maps showed wave patterns created by the prevaling winds. It was facinating and led me to the study of waves. Eventually, this led to studying waves of light. The speed of light was presented as a personal, portable, self-adjusting ratio involving distance which remained equal to all equal observers despite movements. To me this was simply the effect of the horizon which can be explained in exactly the same terms.

To be able to incorporate relativity, but not relativism, into my belief in absolute truths; I had to find a way for young Albert Einstein to win his imaginary race with the waves, but not with the horizon. Flat light despite curved and quantized space-times creates an horizon which can not begin to be caught and waves of light that can be reversed by passing them as suddenly as a mirror can reflect them. Neither mirrors nor this cosmology ruin relativity. Energy also equals mass times negative celeritas squared.