I Believe In Miracles

Sierra - CO, Colorado
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe it is the smallest wonders in life that can bring us the greatest joy.

I had lost touch with the world, grasping only onto my freedom and respect for my loved ones to give me the determination to continue on my journey. My life, hard enough as it seemed had a small shining light that erased all my pain and gave me the most important gifts of faith, love hope, and laughter that I needed to live.

For me, my guardian angels were no small miracle. I depended on them to guide me through life.

Every night I prayed to my angels in vain that I would find a permanent friend: one that would stay by my side as I moved from place to place and began my life all over again. A week later, everything took a turn for the worse. A strange sort of feeling took over me as I marched through the unfamiliar front doors of the building, twenty pairs of fiery, beady eyes glued to my back. Praying to my angels that I would survive this day, I bravely charged towards my worst fear. New school. No friends. The middle of the year. “Great,” I thought, “Now I can be the new kid all over again.”

For many nights, the stillness of my thoughts rang in an eerie silence. Holding onto my faith was harder than imaginable, especially when there was no longer the sweet echo of angel voices answering my hopeful prayers. The burning new sensation continued, until one night my prayers were drowned in complete darkness. My angels had left me.


Half a year later, Emma and I sat outside her house as the New Years fireworks lit up the sky. I had long since given up my search for my angels. I wanted something greater. I was so lost in the great, shimmery colors on the horizon, that when Emma spoke, it caught me off guard.

“Did you ever notice how beautiful the world is?” she said, full of awe. “I mean really, we have our angels to thank for this. No one else could have achieved this kind of beauty.” She smiled at me. I knew I had never lost my faith with the world.

I stopped for a moment to consider what she had said. And at that moment, I realized my angels had never really left me.

She was more than just an angel—she had been there to help me through reality. She had helped me find myself in the seemingly endless darkness. “Sometimes we pass by the small things in life in search for something greater. It is only when we come up empty handed that we realize we have been searching too long.” My best friend is and will always be my guardian angel.

I Believe In Angels.