My Mind

Papa - Belleville,, Michigan
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: 65+

My Mind!

There is a problem between other “normal” people and other people like me that do not always seem to be able to be “normal” in some other way. It is like another language that I cannot sometimes understand. For me, I am able to communicate many things without a problem. But, sometimes, without help, I have a problem which either I can work out or someone else can help me. From me, this seems to be a another step up the ladder in my mind once I have gotten on that new step.

The point is that “others” need to be patient about this. Some people will fail regardless of anything. Others, may get better after things like my stroke. But, people like me are not the same as other “people“. We are some how “different“. And, when the disabilities are in the “mind”, it seems to be even more of a difference between the “normal”.