I Believe In Bowling

Matthew - Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

If I have the choice to do anything, I choose to bowl. Bowling is what I enjoy to do more than anything else.

I believe in bowling because it is what makes me happy. I think that everybody needs to have one thing they can do that makes them happy. With homework, a job, friends, and family, life can get very stressful. The key is to find something to get a person’s mind off of all of that. For me, that thing is bowling.

I am on the high school bowling team and have bowled in my fair share of meets and tournaments. Bowling is a lot more enjoyable when I bowl well, but I have fun when I bowl badly too. Bowling can be very satisfying when I bowl well. For example, I bowled a 257 and 243 in a meet against Dowling Catholic. Everybody on the team and at school were congratulating me and telling me how good I bowled. I was amazed at how bowling two good games could cause that kind of reaction.

I have a lot of fun when I bowl. Bowling is the only sport I know of that a person can drink soda and eat nachos while playing. It is relaxed, but still takes a great amount of skill to excel at, like any other sport. Bowling requires practice, dedication, and determination.

If I could, I would bowl every day. I have more fun bowling than doing anything else. That is why I bowl.